For those about to mod…

September 24, 2013 | Filed under: democracy3

We salute you with the new exciting (can you contain yourself?) Democracy 3 modding guide…


The system is pretty similar in a technical sense to Democracy 2’s modding, although there are some new features, and the whole system is much better at coping with multiple mods. if people stick to the ‘system;’ then mods will all be installed in completely discrete folders and have a switch that allows them all to be toggled on or off, So you can install ‘Deathstalkers Evil Inflation Mod!!!!11111’ and then when you realize it makes the game unplayable, just leap over to the mod-control panel on the main menu and toggle his awesome efforts off.

I’d really like to see people getting into the idea of Democracy 3 modding. I’ve never thought I was the worlds greatest simulation balancer, researcher or tweaker. I’m, more the sort of designer that has big ideas and likes huge sprawling systems, but there are definitely people who will be better than me at tweaking the state of the missions, or the finer interactions of policies. Plus, there are people who want the game to be much more complex, or more free-market based, or simulate eastern or developing-world countries, and now then can do whatever they want. I’ve built a system and an engine, it’s up to the community what they want to do with it. I hope people have fun.

In unrelated news… I have the final figures from the Humble Weekly sale that featured a whole bunch of my games recently. It raised enough to pay for jacks biscuits for almost a month, but apart from that we also raised (roughly)…

Barefoot CollegeĀ – $15,400
American Red Cross – $14,600
if you check out the barefoot college website they say you can donate $100 to educate one child in a night school for a year. So let’s say we are providing 5 years of basic education per child, that means fans of positech games have paid for the education of 30 children. That’s pretty awesome, certainly the most money I’ve been involved in raising for charity. In some ways I think it’s possibly the most worthwhile thing I’ve ever done. I’m so glad we got that charity added, and I’d love to see other developers of the humble sales use it. Sadly there isn’t a breakdown on the red cross website for what each amount would achieve, but it’s obviously another decent cause.
(I should probably be musing about valves SteamOS, but I’ll, wait for all 3 announcements first methinks…)

2 Responses to “For those about to mod…”

  1. Jonas says:

    Where can I find this simulation folder on OSX?

  2. Xietanu says:

    Thanks Cliffski! I’ve been really looking forward to this.

    *gets to work…*