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75% Kudos 2 until friday

Special halloween discount thing…

Before I became internationally famous for waffling about piracy, mark rein, and at some point actually making a space game called gratuitous space battles, I made a rather strange turn-based life simulation game called Kudos. It was a small hit, in indie terms, so I made Kudos 2, which is better in all ways imaginable. it did quite well too. It has artwork drawn by a proper famous comic artist, and allsorts.

If you can’t imagine what a turn-based life-sim could be like, then check out the website ( or try the FREE DEMO!!!!!! . And why am I waffling on about an old game now? Because it’s currently 75% off using this top secret discount code:


That makes it about $3.75, or in other words VERY CHEAP. That runs out on friday, so if you think it will amuse you for a day or two, you would be mad not to buy it, obviously. You aren’t mad right? Just imagine this is one of those crazy steam deals, but without steam.

True fact: There is a teacher who uses this game with autistic children to teach them how to develop and maintain relationships with people. That’s one of the best uses my games have ever had.

SimSocial and Kudos 2

I’ve already got emails on the day it went live asking about the similarity between Kudos 2 and the new SimSocial game by EA. So here it the explanation:
I worked with EA years ago doing some contract work, and recently they contacted me about working with me to do a version of the Sims that would be based on the gameplay of Kudos2. That game is SimSocial. If you look in the about box for the game, you will see the credit and link back here.

I’m happy about the deal I did with EA, and think that the games complement each other well. Obviously they have major differences and I’m sure there will be some Kudos 2 players who will play SimSocial, and maybe some SimSocial players will be tempted to come try Kudos 2. It’s great to see a game idea re-implemented in another way, and I hope it’s a great success.
I thought I better announce it here right away in case anyone thinks I was ripped off (I wasn’t) or that I copied the idea from them ( I didn’t).
Cheers :D

Kudos 2 on the Mac. DONE

Kudos 2 is now available on the Mac. As usual, I partnered with to handle porting the game, as I know little about Macs these days.

The games demo download link is here:

The buy page is here:

I’m mulling over the possibilities of an iphone port for the game, with a few people interested in doing it. I think it would do very well, but it would also need some redesign, and I don’t really have time for that right now.

Now I REALLY must get my head stuck into the space strategy stuff.

Simulation Game of the year 2008


Looks like I got the #1 and #2 spots at the gametunnel sim game of 2008 awards (for Kudos 2 and Democracy 2)

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