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SimSocial and Kudos 2

I’ve already got emails on the day it went live asking about the similarity between Kudos 2 and the new SimSocial game by EA. So here it the explanation:
I worked with EA years ago doing some contract work, and recently they contacted me about working with me to do a version of the Sims that would be based on the gameplay of Kudos2. That game is SimSocial. If you look in the about box for the game, you will see the credit and link back here.

I’m happy about the deal I did with EA, and think that the games complement each other well. Obviously they have major differences and I’m sure there will be some Kudos 2 players who will play SimSocial, and maybe some SimSocial players will be tempted to come try Kudos 2. It’s great to see a game idea re-implemented in another way, and I hope it’s a great success.
I thought I better announce it here right away in case anyone thinks I was ripped off (I wasn’t) or that I copied the idea from them ( I didn’t).
Cheers :D

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  2. The funny thing is, I was at the Sims 3 EA website a few days ago looking for info on the game, and I must have just missed their release of SimSocial. If not for your post, I’d have missed it completely. I find it’s so cool when a game company uses mini-games like this as part of their marketing. Another game that did this recently was Codemasters in preparation for their Mines of Moria expansion to Lord of the Rings Online. It sure beats banner ads. EA has designed both SimSocial and SimFriend very specifically so it keeps you coming back to the site to keep playing it and keeps Sims 3 on your mind. I certainly feel more excited about getting the game when it comes out after this.

    For those of you who haven’t tried SimSocial, what it does to keep you coming back is after a few weeks of in-game time, the sim goes to sleep for 4 hours of real-time, so you have to wait for 4 hours before you can continue playing.

  3. Haha first thing I noticed when signing up was “Hmmm this looks a lot like Kudos 2”, so I came here straight after to see if anyone noticed. Man was I surprised to find out it was actually you who made SimSocial (although I suppose I shouldn’t be :)). Kudos to you Cliffski (mind the pun).

  4. Hehe, as soon as I started playing SimSocial I noticed it was pretty much exactly the same as Kudos 2, and had this fear that the big EA had ripped you off! Glad to see they didn’t :)

    (I think it’s a sign that I’ve played too much Kudos 2, judging by how quickly I noticed, lol)

  5. Just a clarification. Cliff didn’t make SimSocial (so don’t blame the bugs on him, :) ) — SimSocial is simply based off of Kudos 2.

  6. I was looking at the Sims3 website and and found the Sim-social game and began to play. Each time I created my Sim, I was able to play for a few minutes and before I knew it my Sim was sick. In the game Kudos, when your person got sick they recovered after a few days of rest, but in Sim-social, my Sim never recovered, and all of the money ran out and the game was just there. There is nothing you can do to help your Sim recover. I had to discontinue play. Is this only the trial game that does this or is this a flaw in the game, interested Granny? Looking for answers

  7. Thanks so much for clearing this up because I already complained to EA that they had ripped of Kudos. I am a hardcore Sims player. I think that is the reason why I became attracted to Kudos. But I can proudly say (I own Kudos I & II) that SimSocial is a very weak imitation of Kudos. My games are not saving, the friendships end to quickly, and the ten minute wait between games is annoying. If SimSocial was supposed to get me interested in Sims #3 (I own Sims 1 and 2 as well as Sim LifeStories) they have missed the mark.

  8. This simsocial experience is reminding me why I began to hate sims 2, THE NEVER ENDING STREAM OF STUPID GLITCHES. At least in Kudos I could mod what I did not like (eg the amount of time learning takes I can normally finish a week in fifteen minutes cause I am always taking some class so the ten minute wait is killing me) yes I am venting!
    Now I am going to play Kudos.

  9. I love the SimSocial game!!! I am addicted and I’m not sure if I will even need to go pick up Sims 3 on Tuesday! ;) But it is a great game. I love the small customizations that can happen…like the activity options that show up only with certain weather or if you have a romantic interest (ex. snowball fights and candlelit dinners) AWESOME JOB! :) As for Kudos, I’ve never played but I will definitely look into that!!

  10. Is there any way to bypass the ten minute wait…I mean it only lets u play for about five minutes and the sim needs to sleep???

  11. Buy Kudos :D that lets you play as long as you like. Plus there are lots of other differences and improvement. I’m proud of my weather effects :D

  12. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that it sleeps for 10 minutes at a time!! I’m waiting for my boyfriend to finish building my new PC in order that I can play Sims 3, and need something to keep me occupied in the meantime. I Thought I’d found the ideal pastime to stop me hassling him and asking him if it’s ready every 5 minutes, but this sleeping is driving me crazy!! What am I supposed to do while the stupid thing sleeps? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  13. I had Kudos ages ago but not sure where it is and I don’t have money to buy Kudos 2 :(

    Why did you put the sleep thing in????

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