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75% Kudos 2 until friday

Special halloween discount thing…

Before I became internationally famous for waffling about piracy, mark rein, and at some point actually making a space game called gratuitous space battles, I made a rather strange turn-based life simulation game called Kudos. It was a small hit, in indie terms, so I made Kudos 2, which is better in all ways imaginable. it did quite well too. It has artwork drawn by a proper famous comic artist, and allsorts.

If you can’t imagine what a turn-based life-sim could be like, then check out the website ( or try the FREE DEMO!!!!!! . And why am I waffling on about an old game now? Because it’s currently 75% off using this top secret discount code:


That makes it about $3.75, or in other words VERY CHEAP. That runs out on friday, so if you think it will amuse you for a day or two, you would be mad not to buy it, obviously. You aren’t mad right? Just imagine this is one of those crazy steam deals, but without steam.

True fact: There is a teacher who uses this game with autistic children to teach them how to develop and maintain relationships with people. That’s one of the best uses my games have ever had.

10 thoughts on 75% Kudos 2 until friday

  1. “That’s one of the best uses my games have ever had.”

    That’s until we take it to the space and use GSB to train our future commanders.

  2. Just a thought Cliffski, but maybe you could extend the sale until the end of next weekend? Only because that’d give Lewie time to pimp it in Saturday’s Bargain Bucket (if he wants to, like).

  3. Bought it the moment it popped up on Twitter. Any chance you can help me dredge up a copy of Kudos 1? I bought it back when PCG was giving it coverage and would love to do a side by side review. It beats sitting at home and staring at walls on a grey and rainy day.

  4. Just a quick Q: ‘runs out’ means there *will* or *won’t* be a discount on Friday itself? Or, what date/time GMT does it run out? Thanks!

  5. Bought this on sale. Love it. Recommending it to others, and hoping to see more games like it in the future. Me and one of my friends are trying to work out what a cross between Kudos 2 and GSB would look like….

  6. As a side note, though, if you ever DO make a game like this in the future, a build-in editor to add your own material to the game would make a great piece of DLC.

    It’s nice that we can mod the game, but there’s a reason why the game isn’t just some text files and spreadsheets to begin with, right? Having an editor with appropriate artwork, music, and interface matching the game would make editing the game less like work and more FUN.

    It would be cool if I can disable certain activities and interests (that may not seem culturally suitable to me and my friends, for example), and/or create new ones on the fly while playing.

    You already have the modding capabilities built in and localized in certain files, I’m just suggesting an in-game interface to make changes to those files would be worth paying a few extra dollars for to some people.

  7. I paid regular price for this game because I was drawn to the mod-ability. While I could have paid less, I figured a few extra bucks in your pocket would help you to continue in your pursuit of developing games for the PC. Long live the Indie Developer!

    You are loved, man.

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