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New Democracy 3 update…

So here is what is new in my exciting new Democracy 3 game which you are all so suddenly aware of because I have a ‘site takeover’ advert on rock paper shotgun… :D


Version 1.04
Bug Fixes-
    Checkbox seelcted graphic is now a tick, which should be mroe intuitive.
    Fixed some typos.
    Lightened some minister skin tones.
    Fixed transparency on one ministerial hairstyle.
    Grey lines are now used to show effects that are currently neutral (set to zero).
    Improved the smoothness of drawing connecting lines on main GUI.
    Fixed crash when selecting 'summary' tab on an empty voter group.
    Fixed bug where it was possible to fire ministers and there be insufficient replacements.
    Fixed crash bug relating to shaders and alt-tabbing when running the game fullscreen.
    GM food approval now pleases, not angers capitalists!(ooops).
    Detention without trial policy now harms foreign relations.
    Monorail policy now only affects CO2 through car reduction, and reduces car usage more.
    WelfareFraud Dept policy incomke is now scaled by the level of housing/disability/child/unemployed benefits.
    Increased the strength of the BorderControls policy for the USA mission.
    Reduced impact of BorderControls policy on Immigration.
    Added new effect from Foreign Relations to Immigration.
    Negative health effects from drugs is not a curve, skewed to harder drugs.
    Oil price Shock event now affects the oil supply, not demand.
    Maximum cost of the RoadBuilding policy increased by 20%.
    Reduced effect of legal aid on socialists by 50%
    Reduced effect of Inheritance Tax on socialists by 50%
    Reduced effect of Income tax on socialists by 25%
    Reduced liberal anger at CCTV Cameras by 25%
    Reduced liberal anger at Border Controls by 25%
    Reduced liberal anger at homelessness by 25%
    Increased delay on effect of inheritance tax on euqality to 24 turns.
    Fixed wrong equation(backwards!) for the effects of unemployment on immigration. High unemployment now reduces immigration.
New Content:
    Added new simulation value: Legal Drug Consumption.
    Added new policy: Recreational Drugs Tax.


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