Age of empires online could be fun. Anyone played it yet? I’m looking for a new online game to play as co-op with a buddy. He isn’t a hardcore gamer or very tech savvy,  but he is obsessed with Company of Heroes. I’m looking to get him into another game, that isn’t too different. We tried men of war, but that didn’t really work out. Ideally something thats built around co-op play, and would benefit from voice chat. Any suggestions? Is world of tanks a good idea? Also, everyone feel free to add cliffski as a friend on battlefield Bad Company 2. I’m a helpful team player :D I tend to play evenings in UK time (GMT).

I guess it’s time for another clue about my next game, following on from the last two…

Clue #3



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  1. m says:

    Been playing the beta of AOE for the last month. Its pretty fun. It plays a bit like AOE2. The mandatory internet connection is annoying, especially when it drops out for a second and nukes your game.

    My biggest grief is that there isn’t a customisable skirmish mode. I played so much AOM and AOE3 against the CPU, mixing and match teams and maps. Instead there is only predefined levels in the beta. That will probably change later.

    Luckily, it is free, so can you test the waters. Micropayment system could be “interesting”.

  2. kone says:

    Seems like an old church or library or some kind of palace.

    Alternate history,
    aliens (which are not belived to be within the crowds of humans)
    and .. uhm… in the setting of the 18th century?

    It is the 18th century.
    The leadership of *insert-land-here(GB)* has been infiltratet by *insert-alien-race*.
    Only you can see them and also there are *insert-bad-guys(Nazis)*.
    Somehow you get to power and you can command some *insert-land-based-vehicles/troops* to fight the evil!
    Now with more plot and even more multiplayer fun.

  3. Will says:

    Harris also wrote several novels set in the Roman Empire, this seems Romanish …

    Robots vs. Imperial Legions? Kind of like Cowboys vs. Aliens?

  4. Guy says:

    Id suggest the Dawn of War 2: retribution for you and your friend. They have a couple of different multilayer options with the co-op last stand game mode as well as team based multilayer. Both of these are ones that work well with friends. I think the main campaign can be done as co-op too.

    Also, id say that castle looks perhapes 1500-1600s, as their are explosions i would guess time travel alternate past game.

  5. CdrJameson says:

    You are Nazis win World War II, and I claim my £5

    Dr Who UK dalek Nazis in clue 1
    ‘Fatherland’ author Robert Harris in clue 2
    High up on a castle in clue 3, from, er, The Man in the High Castle.

    Counterfactual history FTW!

  6. CdrJameson says:

    …the castle being the Tower of London, of course.

  7. radio_babylon says:

    ill second the dawn of war 2 games. theyre built on the CoH engine, and are quite similar in tactical gameplay…

  8. Blaze says:

    DoW2 has a horrible multiplayer though, so stick with coop campaign and The Last Stand mode.
    I think the picture shows that the game will be for: Windows!

  9. Chris McLaren says:

    Are you going to complete Duke Nukem Forever?

    Someone has to…..

  10. Christian Telefont says:

    World of Tanks is a very good idea :) Playing it with some friends.

    Best feature: You can play it for half an hour. Between coding ;) (You don’t need to play some hours at once.)

    It does heavily profit from Voice chat. And its a hell of fun. It is also not to complex to learn. More like a VERY VERY slow shooter :)