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10 thoughts on The next positech game: Clue #2

  1. My research leaves me to believe this is the novelist Robert Harris. Is the surname link a coincidence?

  2. Let’s see, we got Daleks and alternate history now. Maybe the next game will be about World War 2 fought with giant killer robots?

  3. Cliff, I’ve got the title for you new game: Gratuitous Planetary Battles in Alternate Realities. =p

  4. Cliff:
    Is there no evaluation from your side when we get one clue right?

    I would support the theory about alternate history – maybe in a WWII setting.
    Also I would strongly suggest it’s involving tanks of some sort because
    1. the british built the first tanks (well the first which were massively used) and cliff is (under his nagging and mumbling) proud to be british
    2. cliff loves tanks tooooo flipping much to not include them

    But how will this new game be distinctive from:
    “Stalin vs Aliens”
    “War Front – turning point”
    “Codename: Panzers”
    “sudden strike”
    and… omg there are so many games which have a setting in WWII…

  5. Looks exactly like a friend of mine, he’s a landscape gardener.

    So i’m guessing some kind of wacky dalek gardening game. You know the sort of thing:

    Mission 2: PLANT. SOME. GERANIUMS!!!

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