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Gratuitous Space Bargain

So after getting feedback on what people didn’t like about GSB that prevented some sales, I decided to offer a ‘collectors edition’ of the game that has all 3 expansions in with it, for $25.95. Thats much cheaper than buying them seperately, by a huge chunk. Also, it’s just one installer that blaps everything in the right place, no so more confusion over install paths (yay!)

It’s for sale at that price now on my site:

Look, theres a picture of boxes and everything! (actual game does NOT come in a box. Who needs boxes these days?). Obviously I’m a completely rational ferengi, so if this means revenue actually falls, I’ll probably put it back as it was.

Sales are pretty slow these days, I’m assuming thats E3 sucking in all the attention. I am not paying much attention to it, but I predict lost of new controllers based on waving your arms around, and some games involving butch space marines kicking butt. With bump maps.

16 thoughts on Gratuitous Space Bargain

  1. While I think this is a great idea, it slightly irks me that I bought all those things for full price. Yesterday. Ahem.

  2. id appreciate a package with just the expansions. i still havent bought one, and so far dont plan to buy one. i may buy the campaign thing, if thats sold seperately. however, a good deal might tempt me to buy the expansions after all.

  3. @Kdansky
    Sure that must hurt…

    @Mark Klocek and radio_babylon
    Just buy the complete pack and give the original to a friend so you can play with him =)

  4. Wow this is really great! Is it going to be on Steam as I would be interested in buying GSB on steam ;)

    Note that you would also benefit from extre visibility on steam if doing so! I think this would be a good move!

    Thanks alot Cliff!


  5. Bump maps!

    Oh, Cliff, you really screwed it up this time! You can’t put GSB on sale! Then all the people who paid full price for it will feel cheated and complain about it! Because they’re morons!

    Btw I bought the complete pack off Impulse a couple weeks back. Cool game. Hurry up with the campaign already!

  6. @ Lazarus

    yeah kinda : p

    i bought it like 2 month ago
    now everybody can have all the expensions for the price i paid the normal game almost : p

    what a world . . .

  7. If I buy this now, will the campaign mode magically appear into it when it’s complete?

  8. Cheers Cliff.

    Whilst £22.08 still isn’t cheap (remember I bought Supreme Commander from PC World for just 97p!), you’ve swallowed what must be a bitter pill so I’ll do the same – ORDERED! :-)

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