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Laughing at activision…

Check out this page:

If you are lucky you will see a banner advert for infinity ward. Apparently they are ‘the studio behind call of duty’ and apparently they are ‘hiring’.


I wonder why?

Maybe if you treat your staff better, your human resources dept wouldnt need to be working overtime?

2 thoughts on Laughing at activision…

  1. Yeah, after they bought Expert and (not surprisingly) dumped my contract, a couple of foreign sub-contracts kept selling my games. I kept telling Activision that if I’m not getting paid royalties, they aren’t either. I even went as far as sending ’em scans of the foreign versions of my games with the “Licensed from Expert” logo on the box.

    And it wasn’t some pirate-house in Kenya that was printing ’em. It was one of the biggest publishers in Germany, so clearly there was money to be gotten.

    Eventually someone there told me that Expert Software now existed only as some boxes in a closet and that the royalties were most likely being held in escrow by the foreign company because Expert’s postal address and/or bank numbers were no longer valid. And getting that money would involve sifting through boxes to find the license agreement. And they weren’t willing to do that.

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