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Jewellery and Vegetables and Patch 1.41

Some minor updates:

  • Gratuitous Patch 1.41 is live. It has all those usability improvements. I hope you like it. It should autoupdate over the next 24 hours for everyone.
  • I spent part of today uploading the patch, part of it working on UI improvements to the eventual campaign game, and part of it digging over a vegetable plot. If there ever is a zombie apocalypse or a financial meltdown, I’m not sure I can hack going back to living off the land. It seems like far too much hard work just to grow a fairly pitiful amount of potatoes and other vegetables. However, these days it seems to be one of the few ways left to ensure you know what the hell is in your food. Plus it gives my muscles a slight workout and prevents me becomign a completely feeble office geek who can’t open jars.
  • Heres something you don’t see every day. Jewellery, gold-plated no-less, made from the 3D models of GSB swarm cruisers.

Oh yes…

5 thoughts on Jewellery and Vegetables and Patch 1.41

  1. Hey Cliff.

    I thought that since you’re an indie dev you might be interested in other indie projects. I’ve just learned that interstellarmarines launched a second “demo” of sorts on their website. It’s a fps type game, so it might not interest you. But either way it seems like something worth spending a minute or two on.



  2. You should put a couple of ship models on, so hordes of nerds can print them! :D

  3. Ah, version 1.42 came down about 5 minutes ago (14 hours after last comment). Colour me tickled pink!

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