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Better ship design loader

I’m becoming a bit of a workaholic here. Anyway, lots of people wanted this: (click to enlarge)

Sortable by those top columns. Will be in patch 1.41 very soon. Was a right pain to do, because my generic file picker code doesn’t support multiple items of data per entry, or suitable sorting code, so it had to be specifically coded for this UI element. Still, only took a morning.

8 thoughts on Better ship design loader

  1. Thank you sooooo much! I hate having to sort through my million ship designs for other races all the time.

  2. Hey Cliff! You don’t need to kill yourself with work… We can wait for a few days to get new features.

  3. Thank you – probably the best single UI improvement you could have made, for me at least.

  4. Excellent! Can we have a race filter when we click ‘Change’ and choose a hull to design? Simply to make it so that only one race’s hulls are listed at any one time. That will eliminate the currently overly large and moddably larger list of ship hulls.

  5. Yes! Please please please add a little “Only show active race” check box and have it remember our setting. =D Other than that, awesome-sauce. Great work! =D

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