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Banner competition Over!

Ok, so that competition is now over and I picked my fave. Obviously banner ads have to do various things, not just look the most awesome. The reason I picked this one, is it *does* look very nice AND it also gets across how the game works, which is very important. I suspect a good few people assume ‘gratuitous space battles’ is an arcade game, and this makes it clear that it isn’t.

The winner is Mark from the sunny (and prime-minister-less) UK (total fluke). I’ll be sticking the centurion model in the post to him tomorrow. Cheers Mark! I’ll be tweaking this banner a bit and then give it a go and see how it does :D

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition. There can only be one winner, because I could only afford one model! :D

11 thoughts on Banner competition Over!

  1. Nice banner and a deserving winner.

    Any chance that the other banners will be shown here so that the fans can see all of the entries?

  2. I’m planning on trying some different images in the last pane, some more over-the-top ones, or different colors. Just to see how it looks.

  3. Yeah, I just saw it on Boardgamegeek, and thought “Well, it is way better than the previous GSB ad I had seen. We must have had a winner”

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