Ever wanted to own your own space battlecruiser? A big one. With phasers and lasers and engines and shields and other cool stuff? So have we. And we don't own one either. But here at Positech Games, we DO own a physical spaceship that you can have. A real PHYSICAL space battleship! Behold the almighty Imperial Centurion Cruiser!

Cool model you wish you had Closeup of cool model

Ok, we admit it, it's just a model, and it's made from plastic rather than Neutronium plating, and frankly, the lasers and shields aren't 100% functional but it's still cool. It also comes with a groovy little plastic stand, which, given a prevailing wind, it sometimes balances on. The model was made by shapeways using ultra cool 3D printing super future-tech that we don't pretend to understand. It's modelled from the exact same 3D modelling data used in the game to create the coolest GSB ship of them all - The Centurion Imperial Cruiser.

Cool model and two human hands The real thing, in combat yesterday

So how can you have it? Well you missed out on the competition. Sorry it's over! You blew it! You can order them here if you really want one.

stand for model with cat to show scale


Isn't this supporting evil advertising, which is evil, and also evil?
No. Ads are how most people heard about GSB so far. Advertising is a way for indies to get coverage without involving mega-bucks PR companies throwing lush parties. Plus we don't use strobing, irritating or other dodgy ads. Without ads many websites you enjoy for free wouldn't exist. Ads aren't all evil.

Isn't this a cunning ploy to get cheap labour?
Yes. Well spotted. Hey, we are indies, we need to keep an eye on the pennies. Also, it was an excuse to get a 3D model made of one of the spaceships, which I couldn't justify any other way.

What if nobody enters? or only one person does and their banner sucks?
I will feel stupid. Plus I'm only sending off the ship if the ads are better than my feeble efforts.

Isn't this model the only one though?
It is at the moment yes. I will be sorry to see it go *sniff*

bottom strip