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More Stats and general update

I’m currently balancing a bunch of stuff. here are my short term plans and current work:

1) Update to GSB (free patch) which improves the stats after a battle

2) Re-balancing of some of the more useless hulls and modules to make them more usable (bundled in with the stats patch, most likely)

3) Another race expansion for GSB at some point ( a paid DLC thing again).

4) The much discussed online-enabled challenge campaign  meta game thing.

5) GSB on Mac.

Here is the second view of the stats stuff. Pie charts FTW! I haven’t done any funky highlighting for them yet. This is basically the same data as the view over time, but aggregated as a pie chart. What this means is you can still filter it at both axes by changing which categories of damage to include (ignore all missed shots, for example), or changing which ships to analyze. In theory if you wanted to know what percentage of shots from The Millenium Python penetrated the shields of the USS Dubious, you can just click some optiosn and see that right away.

Click to enlarge, feedback most welcome. I’m going to investigate doing a graph of total hitpoints voer time as well, because that should be relatively easy now.

Or I might do some silly chart animations first :D

9 thoughts on More Stats and general update

  1. Will I have to re-buy it for the Mac?

    I bought it originally thinking it worked on the Mac (because it was featured on some Mac gaming site) :(

    As it is, I’ve hardly played GSB since I don’t boot in to Windows often and when I do it’s usually to play DragonAge, I’m afraid.

    Happy to beta-test Mac version if you need it.

  2. Looks good so far.

    The only question – why different colours for damage delivered\received? It’s not like you are going to get those mixed up, and the current system requires you to memorize a larger number of colour-codes…

  3. Awesomeness!

    I hope GSB on mac will be a free download for those who had already purchased it.

    Also, some more singleplayer challenges (aside from the planed campaign) against the Federation would be a great addition.

  4. A suggestion about the pie chart : Change their size according to the total amount of potential damage. And maybe add the percentage in a box and the value in box when you ar overing over one of the slice with the mouse.

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