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Surely not more stats?

I’m afraid so:

I’ve added filtering by module type too, with the pie charts that show the damage done. This isn’t also filterable by ship, so it isn’t totally uber, but sod it, this is a game, not excel, it has to end somewhere :D

What this new view lets you do, is (for example) select just your frigate plasma torpedoes and see that actually 95% of their shots missed, whereas only 35% of the cruisers torps missed. That might be a good thing to know…

Hopefully tomorrow I can spend a lot of time tweaking the UI for this, and testing it extensively. At some point I need to declare the stats upgrade done, so I can concentrate on play balancing for a few days. Then after that it’s back to the long discussed and hugely involved online thingy.

6 thoughts on Surely not more stats?

  1. I’m really excited by all these stats updates. I’m certainly the kind of person who loves to optimize. Have you ever thought of adding the option to export the stats to like a csv file for those of us truly obsessed with analysis?

  2. csv files are a bit too much! I think that half the fun of stats is not actually having everything you need perfectly presented, so you’ll still have to keep using your head in interpreting the results.

    I’m so looking forward to having proper stats I completely stopped playing. Although I can’t fathom why this wasn’t included in the game on launch!!!

  3. I’m sure there will be lots of people who will pore over the stats to get things right, and while I may glance occasionally, I want to spend as long as possible ‘in battle’ rather than in the tent at the top of the hill drinking wine.

    I do my stats on the fly, what goes boom early and what doesn’t, and whoever misses most gets sent to the scrap yard.

  4. Yep, you are right : Even if we keep asking for more, you have to stop somewhere…

    Looks interresting

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