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Clarifying the multiplayer cheat thing

A lot of people have said to me they think it’s a bad idea to allow cheaters to edit files for a multiplayer game, especially my next game. Let me clarify:

The next game *will have a multiplayer element to it*. To some extent. But not in the way you generally get in multiplayer games.

Although you will have free reign to edit files for modding purposes, there will be no way to ‘beat’ another player by doing so.

I might introduce some element of file checking and CRC gubbins at some stage, but I want a hugely moddable game, and if you let people mod stuff its hard to then prevent them cheating unless there is a central server blah blah, and I don’t want all the hassle and cost associated with that.

I’m not making an FPS style game where the normal worries about aimbots are a concern. When I explain how the multiplayer bit works, you will see what I mean :D

5 thoughts on Clarifying the multiplayer cheat thing

  1. Actually I think you need to take that further, I think the biggest reason people cheat is to gain kudos (no, not the game :-P).
    I.E. people cheat to make themselves appear better than others

    If you can design it so that cheating doesn’t make an iota of difference to their kudos while still retaining a fun and easily playable game then you’ve cracked it.
    It’ll be interesting to see if you’re on to something Cliff :-)

  2. Best way to handle it: Have a CRC check on the files, and if any are modded, just flag the player. Allow them to play against anyone else who has the exact same mods. It would also help if all mods done to the core file can be separated into its own folder & files, that way they can have their mods for single play, but play multi-play with original files.

  3. In regards to Reliant’s comment, perhaps you should consider taking a look at Unreal, Cliff. Mutators!

    Also a small but indepth RPG for you to try, there’s a wiki associated with it too if something confounds you too much. It’s among my favorites and there might be something you could use, never know.

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