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Next Game clue #1

Might as well keep you guessing. But here is a very general clue as to what sort of game I’m doing next.

More clues to follow

12 thoughts on Next Game clue #1

  1. IT’S A TRAP!

    So you’re making some sort of game based on the old board game Mouse Trap? What’s my prize? :)

  2. (which would be pretty good, actually, even though it’s almost certainly not what you’re really doing)

  3. Hmm… so it’s either a “trap” game, an underwater game (because Admiral Ackbar is a Mon Calamari), a space battle game, or… I guess this list could go on. His ship was Home One, so it could even be a Sims-type game if we really want to go out on a limb ;)

    Can’t wait to hear what it is. Good luck w/everything!

    Its a mix of Starship Tycoon 2 and (was it called?) Plantery Defence + asteroid mining game

    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    See – And who said Cliffski never listens to his gamers ???????


    I can’t wait – I can’t wait – I can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Then gets worried that he might be wrong?)

  5. IT’S A TRAP!

    Well my guess is either you’ve decided to remake Star Wars Episodes I – III to show Lucas how it should have been done (e.g. add Quark as Obi-Wan’s bartender mate in Episode 2 ;-) )

    Or, because you’ve said it’s a general clue, I reckon you just mean that it’s going to be a sci-fi game ;-)

    Either way sounds cool, so if you need any help from an ex-industry AI/gameplay/generalist/networking/mmo/dogsbody vet code monkey then just give me a shout ;-)

    Hehe good luck anyway :-)


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