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Beating Multiplayer Cheating

Could it be that the best way to deal with jerks in online games is to just make their efforts futile by doing way entirely with the idea of anonymous massively multiplayer competition?

That’s what I reckon, and here are my expanded thoughts on the topic.

8 thoughts on Beating Multiplayer Cheating

  1. At least put some measures in place to stop the casual cheat. If it was as simple as editing a text file, I’d be all the more tempted to cheat, even if it was against people I knew.

  2. Please do not do this. I am not saying put much time or effort into it, but a text file is too far. At least having it hidden away somewhere will deter a lot of people from cheating.

  3. Don’t worry, the game will not allow you to cheat by changing the text files. At least, not in any meaningful way. It’s hard to explain without giving away my big idea :D

  4. Ooooh! Hints to Positech’s next game:

    “They will be able to alter simple text files to give themselves better weapons and twice as many units.”

    Sounds like an RTS or RTS-RPG hybrid. When will you release more info?? :D

  5. Oh, I don’t know Cliffsky. I’ve been playing some Mario Kart Wii recently and even though I like playing with my friends, there are some times where my friends are simply offline. You still need some kind of way to team up with like-mided strangers for a good, fair online match. Just friend isn’t quite enough.

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