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New game clue image #2

I always thought these looked kinda cool, and the people working there didn’t get enough of the glory

13 thoughts on New game clue image #2

  1. So… a shipyard-management game? That has potential.

    You should still go with the whole trap theme, though. Transgender engineers! Figuring out how to design the bathrooms for a spaceship crewed by a species with three sexes! Potential for controversy, too, which helps sales, right?

  2. Reminds me of that scene in Clerks where the guy is lamenting over the manual labour workforce that died as a result of the resistance blowing up the 2nd Death Star while they were still building it.

  3. ok, he’s given us 2 nerd classics and told us he’s redoing his particle system…

    Both hints (not including the earlier particle system slip) are nerd classic space titles…

  4. I think I’ve figured it out. Design-your-own-spaceship game using components to a fixed cost, then take them into a Star Control 2 style battle.

    Ability to mod to add one’s own components.


  5. A turn-based space-simulation strategy game that puts you in control of a startship captain and manages their life from age 20 to 30. You get to pick their friends, their job, and how they spend their proton torpedoes, but there is a catch! You can only choose to do one thing each day, or two at the weekends? :P

  6. Oh, lordy…if you tell me that it’s a real-time game where you build and manage a space station like Startopia…well, then I will be very happy. How happy? “Willing to part with money”-happy.

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