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Kudos 2 On Sale NOW!

At last, it’s all done and dusted and the game is ON SALE! This is the first game I’ve released since doing the whole ‘talking to pirates‘ thing. It’s also the best game I’ve ever made, and the one that’s taken the longest, cost the most and involved the most effort to get it the way I want. I’m really extremely proud of the way it has turned out.

All I need now is for people to like it, and buy it, so I can pay the bills! There is (of course) a free demo if you aren’t sure if it’s your kind of game. here is the demo link:

Here is the website with screenshots etc:

The game is set at $19.95 which is a price that’s just low enough that it makes me panicky and Fidgety. I’m hoping that all the feedback I got about the price of games actually makes sense and that more people buy a $19.95 game than would buy a $29.99 one. (and a big enough difference as to end up making more overall). If not, I’m kind of screwed :D I also made the demo more than twice the length of the original games demo, because that was another, possibly fair criticism aimed at modern games.

Obviously there is no DRM on the game, you just download it, install it, run it and have fun. Any feedback on the games purchase process is much needed, as are any bug report because this is day one, and let’s be honest, there is bound to be something that I’ve forgotten due to extreme tiredness, stress and tunnel vision.

Now go try the demo!

Edit: If you could digg this ( It would really help get the word out, as I’m just an invisible indie game developer unless people get to hear about it. Much appreciated.