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Come for the pizza stay for the Pie!(charts)

The Positech Games Eurogamer Expo 2013 booth will not have booth babes, or even booth kittens, but it will have Strategy! Sci-fi Puns! PIE CHARTS! What is not to like? Plus it’s cunningly near to the pizza express bit apparently…


Anyway, here’s hoping this proves worthwhile and lots of people enjoy trying out Democracy 3 and Redshirt. We have badges and fliers that we are literally giving away, starting tomorrow, for four days. I will have lost my voice and be unable to stand by Sunday, I’m sure.


Do those monitors look small to you? they do to me. I am itching for an excuse to replace both my home monitors with big silly ones. If I hypothetically did a Gratuitous Space Battles sequel, I’d definitely plan on showing it off with big ridiculous 40 inch monitors if I ever did any shows to promote it.

I know there are some of you people out there that amazingly do not live in the UK and will not be able to come try out the games, so my honest, considered opinion is that you should just PRE-ORDER THEM NOW, and then you can play them immediately at home without having to pay £10 for a sandwich in central London.


Eurogamer Expo, press & public come see our games!

This is a public service announcement aimed at both press and public alike who will be attending this years Eurogamer Expo in London at the end of this month:



We obviously have 2 of the most interesting games at the show! I’m pretty certain we will have the ONLY turn-based deep political strategy game based on a neural network at the show…


And also I’d wager that we have the only comedy sci-fi life-sim game at the show too…


And when I say ‘We’ I mean me (Cliff Harris / Cliffski) the designer and programmer of Democracy 3, and Mitu Khandaker, the designer/coder of Redshirt. Come talk to us! Try our games! and if you are press, even just-starting-out youtube let’s players or bloggers, then don’t be shy, come say hello. We are happy for you to book interviews or meetings in advance (just email me), or just show up and tap us on the shoulder. We look roughly like this:


We will be in a big indie booth collection near prison architect and hopefully lots of nice places where you can actually sit down. We will even have FREE BADGES. How can you turn that down?

Press people be aware that these are two new games currently in beta and both heading for release soon on Steam/GoG, so get in early and write up your impressions NOW!

Redshirt plans, Democracy 3 etc…

So there is lots going on…

In case you missed it we opened up redshirt to pre-orders and beta. You can grab the game right now from here:

We have a few bug reports we are working through and trying to fix, so we will be planning on patching those the minute we track it down. It seems like 95% of people aren’t hitting any problems, which is a relief.

Regarding redshirt, a few people have asked about mac,Linux and iPad. All are planned, and the game is developed in unity. I’ve played it on my ipad in the past. It shouldn’t be *that* tricky to get the mac, linux and ipad versions done, but we didn’t want to ship anything that had not been  extensively tested, so right now the beta copies are PC-only. Obviously we are as keen to have the game out on those platforms as you are to play it, but give us a while to sort it out. Plus I need to finish up my mac developer account application. Typical of apple to get hacked the day I wanted to apply isn’t it?

For people who might be asking ‘where the hell is Democracy 3‘, the answer is ‘it will be here very soon’. My plan with D3 is to actually have Mac, PC and Linux builds together in it’s beta from day one, but that means a delay while the finished and now un-touched code gets ported for me by someone who actually understands OpenGL and linux :D. The minute those builds are done and uploaded, I’ll open up Democracy 3 to pre-order and beta just like redshirt.

You wait years for a game release date to come along, then they all show up at once eh?

Redshirt now open for pre-orders & beta copies!


Greetings , staff of space station megalodon 9! We have a great station news update for you this morning. Redshirt is now taking pre-orders direct from us, and people pre-ordering the game will get an immediate download of the current beta version. The usual disclaimers apply, beta builds of games are not 100% optimized, there may be bugs, more content  is likely to be added and balance tweaked etc. Right now, the beta copy is only for windows (mac and linux will follow for the final game and be bundled in for all purchasers) and although we are issuing steam keys to all direct pre-order customers, obviously those keys will not work until the game is released and hits steam.

So what is redshirt? Check out the trailer below:

For those who aren’t regular readers of this humble blog, you might not know that Redshirt is developed by The Tiniest Shark, a fellow UK indie developer. Positech Games (me!) is basically publishing the game.  If you liked our game ‘Kudos’, you are definitely going to enjoy Redshirt :D. This represents the first time we have ever published a game by another indie game developer.

If you are ready to go grab yourself a copy of the game (it’s $19.95) you can hit the big button below, or head over to the website at While you are about it please TWEET and SHARE the relevant links with your friends and help us get the word out. And in a very ‘meta’ sense, you can even like the games very own facebook page.