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Redshirt plans, Democracy 3 etc…

So there is lots going on…

In case you missed it we opened up redshirt to pre-orders and beta. You can grab the game right now from here:

We have a few bug reports we are working through and trying to fix, so we will be planning on patching those the minute we track it down. It seems like 95% of people aren’t hitting any problems, which is a relief.

Regarding redshirt, a few people have asked about mac,Linux and iPad. All are planned, and the game is developed in unity. I’ve played it on my ipad in the past. It shouldn’t be *that* tricky to get the mac, linux and ipad versions done, but we didn’t want to ship anything that had not been  extensively tested, so right now the beta copies are PC-only. Obviously we are as keen to have the game out on those platforms as you are to play it, but give us a while to sort it out. Plus I need to finish up my mac developer account application. Typical of apple to get hacked the day I wanted to apply isn’t it?

For people who might be asking ‘where the hell is Democracy 3‘, the answer is ‘it will be here very soon’. My plan with D3 is to actually have Mac, PC and Linux builds together in it’s beta from day one, but that means a delay while the finished and now un-touched code gets ported for me by someone who actually understands OpenGL and linux :D. The minute those builds are done and uploaded, I’ll open up Democracy 3 to pre-order and beta just like redshirt.

You wait years for a game release date to come along, then they all show up at once eh?

9 thoughts on Redshirt plans, Democracy 3 etc…

    1. Never in my life I have wished the elimination of an important part of the population based on their choice of OS, but today I did. You made me into a monster Cliff.

      I’m joking of course, the release is still planned for before the end of the month though, right?

  1. Curses to Mac and Linux users! Can we just send them all to City 17 and be done with them?

    Feature request for D3:
    – The ability to deport anyone not using Windows.

    1. how about all your games on android if you’re gonna add ipad and the penguin, and the guy who wants non windows people deported, well better look around cause from where I sit….ms and windows are on their way out, cause if ya haven’t noticed win 8 and the surface haven’t been flying off the shelves

  2. Instant buy! I was somehow skeptical about the final product, but am gladly impressed by the concepts in the game and the state of this beta release, and am enjoying it. IIRC a version for iOS is also planned, isn’t it? It would be awesome if savegames could be imported by versions running on different OSes.

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