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Redshirt now open for pre-orders & beta copies!


Greetings , staff of space station megalodon 9! We have a great station news update for you this morning. Redshirt is now taking pre-orders direct from us, and people pre-ordering the game will get an immediate download of the current beta version. The usual disclaimers apply, beta builds of games are not 100% optimized, there may be bugs, more content  is likely to be added and balance tweaked etc. Right now, the beta copy is only for windows (mac and linux will follow for the final game and be bundled in for all purchasers) and although we are issuing steam keys to all direct pre-order customers, obviously those keys will not work until the game is released and hits steam.

So what is redshirt? Check out the trailer below:

For those who aren’t regular readers of this humble blog, you might not know that Redshirt is developed by The Tiniest Shark, a fellow UK indie developer. Positech Games (me!) is basically publishing the game.¬† If you liked our game ‘Kudos’, you are definitely going to enjoy Redshirt :D. This represents the first time we have ever published a game by another indie game developer.

If you are ready to go grab yourself a copy of the game (it’s $19.95) you can hit the big button below, or head over to the website at While you are about it please TWEET and SHARE the relevant links with your friends and help us get the word out. And in a very ‘meta’ sense, you can even like the games very own facebook page.

15 thoughts on Redshirt now open for pre-orders & beta copies!

  1. Argh, i’ve been looking forward to this for a while, and of course it happens right when i am completely broke T_T

    That said, once i can afford, i really cant wait to try this :)

  2. If you pre-order now you get a windows .exe download right now, entirely DRM-free, plus a steam copy and updated DRM-free copy on final release :D

  3. Cute-looking game. But the question for me is: will this be Steam only? My wife and I both like playing this sort of game, and purchasing through GoG means we can play at any time, on separate game iterations. With Steam, that’s not possible.

  4. You can buy the game direct from us to get a DRM free copy right now, and we are currently negotiating with GoG for them to stock the game.

  5. Thanks for the quick reply, Cliff. When does it look like the game will go officially gold? Let me rephrase that: will it go gold in the next month or two? Neither of us is really into beta-testing, unless we’re paid for our efforts. But if it’s extremely close to release–a matter of weeks, for instance–we’ll buy it, now.

  6. no it might be a while. The programmer is actually unavailable for 2 weeks (unavoidably, sorry!) so I expect its at least a month or 6 weeks before it goes gold.

  7. Then I suspect that, given the amount of work which gets done in the last month or two, we’ll wait for final. Consider us committed to its purchase, though. We’re strong Kudos fans, and there’s a nice edge of humor from what we’ve seen of this title.

  8. Well, at least a couple of weeks. My wife was getting kind of twitchy when I just told her about holding off on purchase because it wouldn’t go gold for at least 4-6 weeks. But crashes, unbalanced stuff, things that don’t work as expected: all that would probably annoy her.

  9. My wife pointed me to your bug forum, where it appears (at a distance) as though the game is much further along than might be expected of a 0.2 beta. Is that a fair assessment? Or is she just angling for the game early?

    What am I saying. I’ve known her for nearly three decades. Of course she’s angling for early purchase. I just don’t want her to be disappointed that a lot is out of balance, with crashes and features missing.

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