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Eurogamer Expo, press & public come see our games!

This is a public service announcement aimed at both press and public alike who will be attending this years Eurogamer Expo in London at the end of this month:



We obviously have 2 of the most interesting games at the show! I’m pretty certain we will have the ONLY turn-based deep political strategy game based on a neural network at the show…


And also I’d wager that we have the only comedy sci-fi life-sim game at the show too…


And when I say ‘We’ I mean me (Cliff Harris / Cliffski) the designer and programmer of Democracy 3, and Mitu Khandaker, the designer/coder of Redshirt. Come talk to us! Try our games! and if you are press, even just-starting-out youtube let’s players or bloggers, then don’t be shy, come say hello. We are happy for you to book interviews or meetings in advance (just email me), or just show up and tap us on the shoulder. We look roughly like this:


We will be in a big indie booth collection near prison architect and hopefully lots of nice places where you can actually sit down. We will even have FREE BADGES. How can you turn that down?

Press people be aware that these are two new games currently in beta and both heading for release soon on Steam/GoG, so get in early and write up your impressions NOW!