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Production Line blog:#11 The motion-captured cat edition

I apologize in advance for this. I am normally less easily amused. Maybe. This is in no way an attempt to distract attention away from my failure to have many big ticket features to show off this week:

Next week might be more noticeably ‘different’ because I have grand plans to get some ‘expandable lots’ in the game. That means your initial factory size might be 30×30, but it will be bordered by a bunch of additional lots of different sizes which you could take over (thus increasing your hourly rent costs). I think a lot-based system is more interesting than the standard ‘$x/square meter take whatever you want approach many tycoon games use. This is a real-world concern. How often are you able to phone up the farmer who owns the field next to your factory and specify exactly how many square feet you want to rent next year? That sounds way too easy :D.

Hope you enjoy this rather stupid video of dubious informational content.

For those interested, you can find out all about Production Line Here.

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