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Redshirt on sale! get your space career at a 50% off discount


Attention crewmembers! Did you know you can have a life IN SPACE for 50% off the normal cost? It’s true! Our wonderful space comedy life-sim game Redshirt is now 50% off, whether you grab it from the redshirt site or from steam!. If you are on the fence, you might want to know that redshirt is the only game to feature bisexual aliens that stalk you through social media. If that doesn’t guarantee a sale, I don’t know what will, but here is a reminder of the megalodon nine recruitment video for you:

And of course you might want to check out the redshirt website before buying. Now either grab it from this buy link here, or from steam at this linky here.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to tell everyone about the sale using social media, which is of course amazingly ‘meta’ given the game…

6 thoughts on Redshirt on sale! get your space career at a 50% off discount

  1. The trailer looks really nice. I am curious to how the gameplay will look like. I got a glimpse of it in the trailer but wishes an actual game included.

  2. Why is it £4.21 cheaper to buy from Steam? I would have expected direct to have the lower price to encourage direct sales.

  3. That might be steam doing some pricing fiddliness, we just cut the price by 50% in dollars and let the other amounts translate automatically but I think steam, sets individual prices.

      1. plus you gotta ‘love’ the drm in steam, their poor support, their no refunds policy unless you sue them, etc, cliff can have my money anyday over the week instead of steam (oh wait, on RS he already has) :)

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