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And today it’s a new Democracy 3 version!

So today it’s the turn of the other game… Democracy 3

headerI’ve now set build 1.06 live. To re-cap previous changelists…

Version 1.05
Bug Fixes-
    Some achievements that previously did not register are now being triggered correctly.
    Fixed wrong values for liberals in school sponsorship dilemma.
    Fixed misleading wording on sales tax description.
    Next-turn processing/loading screen is now more obvious when it has finished.
    Possible corruption in fireworks effect hopefully now fixed.
    Halved the effect on socialist/capitalist membership caused by market meltdowns.
    Halved the boost given to socialists for income tax.
    Reduced impact of equality on socialists.
    Added a negative impact on socialists happiness for high unemployment.
    GDP is slightly less dependent on the global economy now.
    GDP is less affected by technology situations now.
    School sponsorship dilemma now affects socialists and capitalists.
    Child Labour Law dilemma is less predictable now.
    All of the effects of Tobacco tax are now scaled by Tobacco Use.
    Private prisons now both anger and please liberals depending on the level of spending.
New Content:
    Modding sliders is now correctly supported.
    Credit Ratings events now tell you the current credit rating.

Version 1.06
Bug Fixes-
    Fixed bug in ban fox hunting dilemma.    
    Fixed some typos.

I’m pretty happy with this build. I just need to get final linux/mac stuff done now and then I’m heading towards saying it’s released. That’s totally arbitrary TBH, as I’ll likely patch it more later. it just means I’ll aim for a steam/gog release.

4 thoughts on And today it’s a new Democracy 3 version!

  1. Hurrah! With the release looming, is there any chance of seeing the modding guide updated with the over-riding existing policies/simulation values? You mentioned this was possible, but I’ve not seen any explanation on how to actually do it (and it would allow for many more possibilities in terms of interesting mods)?

    1. Yes indeed, I was sure I had already coded support for this, but I suspect that was a dream, and it will have to come in a future patch :( (It’s easy to do)

      1. Ah, fair enough. Well, I look forward to it with anticipation, then. I have an education related mod all planned out, but it relies on being able to change how some of the education policies in place at the moment work a bit.

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