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Indie game dev holding a tarantula

I bet this is the only google hit for that phrase.


3 thoughts on Indie game dev holding a tarantula

  1. Bravo! I have severe arachnophobia so it’s unlikely I could ever bring myself to do that, but kudos to you for managing it. What was the experience like? Heh, I think just being in the same room as a spider that big would kill me.

  2. That must be a different variety than the one my wife and I encountered when we were at a camp in the Amazon, back in the 80’s. The tour guide used a towel to scoop it up and bring it back, then admitted to me privately later that his face was killing him–because he’d inadvertently used the same towel to wipe off his sweat.

    But on the positive side, I hear they’re kind of friendly.

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