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Gratuitous Air Strikes

It’s taken me a while, but I have air strikes in the game, although they still need balancing. Here is a brief demo video:

Air strikes currently come in 2 flavours (although it’s all controllable by text files so modders should have fun). And are presented to the player just like a deployable unit from the deployment bar. I might have to fiddle with that a bit later, because currently they ignore divisions, which might annoy some people?

Air strikes last for a set duration and then drop fairly high damage blasts onto random 9and not-so-random) locations within the given radius over that time. Balancing them will be a pain, but currently my thinking is relatively low cost, high-impact and long recharge times, so that you use just 3 or four of them (max) during a battle.

The difficult bit, as ever, is the knowing you have balanced them right, but I’m sure people will let em know if I haven’t. This is probably the last pre-release added feature for the game, the rest will be mod support, bug fixing and minor tweaks and refinements.


3 thoughts on Gratuitous Air Strikes

  1. Awesome but…

    No multi weapon? No tank cover? No AI vs AI balance test?


    Oh well, great game regardless

  2. Cliff, that looks more like artillery support, i strongly suggest to add some shadows (of the bombers) passing at a REALLY REALLY REALLY high speed over the targeted location, so fast that if you blink you might not see them.

    If you apply this you might be begin able of even keeping the actual air support but renamed as artillery support and add this upgraded idea as a more interesting air support, that in my opinion, could be a bit more powerful.

    Just an idea, what do you think?

  3. Cliff,
    There are lot’s of customization but the identity feeling is not strong enough
    could we consider dividing the game into 2 factions?

    A faction on on strength and quality, another on cost and quantity.
    Give them simple and nice name – The Republic vs The Liberty Force.

    we can still have lots of parts customization, but under both faction uniqueness
    I don’t know – seems like damn exciting when I think about it, something for you to consider

    My take:
    1 – Start very humbly – Duplicate existing units into 2 not to disturb any plan on balancing bug fix etc you have – key is make it very comfortable for you.

    2 – Then, add just 1 or 2 special customized part for each factions

    3 – When things are progress well / stable, add some cosmetic difference to their artistic look – easiest one is color theme: Republic can use existing one, Liberty force simply make it gritty / dark theme.

    4 – Next, add just 1 or 2 special Technology for each factions

    5 – Then add just 1 general game play advantage difference: Republic – overall more advance parts to unlock, Liberty Force – overall cheaper units.

    6 – Finally , last one slightly more work – when you have the free time – add a story to single player keep it simple because you do all this alone: like 1 page briefing for starting each mission. (voice over will be good to have – when you can do that later)

    7 – Viola! we have a deeper game with very strong identity feeling :)
    Consider – so many game play variation on this in u-tube next year !! :)

    1) Republic Attacker vs Liberty Force Defender
    2) Republic Defender vs Liberty Force Attacker
    3) Republic Attacker vs Republic Defender
    4) Liberty Force Attacker vs Liberty Force Defender

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