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Gratuitous Patch Battles 1.006

Ok, so patch 1.006 for Gratuitous Tank Battles is now live. There are, as usual a bunch of minor tweaks and improvements, but here is the stuff that you will notice more than the rest:

  • Airstrikes are in! You only get them as defender, and be warned they can damage your units too, so aim carefully :D You need to unlock them before they are usable:

  • There are some new augmentations available that work on defensive capabilities, such as boosting armor and shields etc.
  • Defensive AI now takes into account attacking unit movement and tries to build ahead of the enemy, not just right on top of them (which often means they built turrets too late, and were useless by the time they were built).
  • The tab key now cycles through all your divisions, if you have multiple ones set up, shift+tab reverses it.
  • New progress bars in the UI to show supplies and victory progress.

Hopefully this all improves the game and makes it more polished. It’s funny how adding stuff such as the supplies / victory progress bars and the tab-button stuff makes it so much easier to play, but I hadn’t realised they were needed all this time. Nothing beats just playing & playing & playing your supposedly finished game :D

Existing buyers should get their game auto-patching today or tomorrow. Make sure you have entered your serial code and picked a username or it won’t happen. New buyers get a ready-patched 1.006.

Tempted to pre-order now? Here you go.

2 thoughts on Gratuitous Patch Battles 1.006

  1. Changes sound great!

    As much as it pains me, (Shift+Tab is perfectly valid!!!!), in Steam will either get intercepted for the UI or will have unintended consequences.

  2. Gah how annoying. I can always change it, but tab seems such an obvious key to use, ditto with shift+tab. maybe ctrl+tab?

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