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Gratuitous Level Editor

The GSB ship editor sucked, and the custom scenario interface wasn’t a Picasso either, mainly because in both cases, I insanely bodged them at the last minute, actually using mere text files to make the assets during the games production.

Now I am less insane, I’m using a built-in level editor for GTB from the near-start, which means there is plenty of time to polish it, and indeed it will be a major component of the game. I’m hoping to encourage almost everyone who plays GTB to make their own maps, and share them, LittleBigPlanet style, rather than fencing it off as something only the hardcore modders do.

That’s the current (placeholder UI art) level editor. It has a ton of features in it. Today I was working on code that lets you take an existing level from the game, and save it out as a new custom map, whilst editing loads of parameters for that battle, hopefully in a quite straightforward manner.

Actual level editing, such as setting paths, territory for unit placement, and all the scenery, is already done, although it needs a real usability makeover before it’s considered shippable.

In other news, I got a new ipad build of GSB today. Definitely making progress, but getting a huge complex PC sim like GSB onto the ipad is no quick and easy port. It still needs some work. As does everything.
I have a day off tomorrow, hence my manic working today :D

6 thoughts on Gratuitous Level Editor

  1. As i already said in the forum, looks awesome, good work sir :D

    One question, will be customizable the scenery of the level? i mean, add trees, buildings and things like that.

  2. Ow i think that i found the answer:
    “-…unit placement, and all the scenery, is already…”

  3. Hey Cliff,

    You will have at least one sale for GSB on the iPad – I will buy a copy as soon as it is available.

    The iPad certainly has good points & bad points, but as a casual gaming machine it really is excellent.

  4. Hi Cliff;

    I’d be a happy gamer if you could change at least two things from the GSB level editor / challenge finder:

    1 – Force each map to have a unique name. (Bye-bye, GSB’s 20,000 ‘Custom Maps’)

    2 – Allow players to make a ‘favourites list’ of maps they’ve downloaded so it’s not a chore to find the scenario you want to play.

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