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Planning out Gratuitous Tank Battles Development

This is one of those brain-dump blog posts where I just use the blog as a public todo list…

Major Things I need to do for GTB (still remaining)

  • Support for creating new custom maps from scratch and saving them to your local disk as new singleplayer maps. (includes final work on the map editor, and support for browsing custom maps, rather than the campaign maps)
  • Support for uploading new maps as scenarios for other players to download. (system for describing a map, verifying it is valid, ensuring no content is modded, listing it in the online database, and for clients to refresh that database quickly and smoothly).
  • Code for online profiles and stats checking, player friends lists, messaging and leaderboard stuff. (Possibly including regimental banners and descriptions, and integration of that into loading screens).
  • Code to support auto-updating for direct-bought copies, with registry-enabled paths so we don’t need to tell installers wheer the game is any more.
  • Tutorial, and method to reset it in the options screen.
  • Manual
  • Re-checking the unlocking system and choosing unlocks.
  • Support for modding. Allowing new unit variations, new hulls, new ground and prop textures, new sounds.
  • Integration with steam achievements (assuming steam approves the game) and maybe other steam features.
  • Integration of final art assets for battles, and construction of the singleplayer campaign maps, enemy units.
  • Integration of final, improved menu GUI to remove all that GSB placeholder stuff from the unit design screen
  • Optimisation
  • Bug testing
  • Play Testing and Balancing

The list doesn’t see quite so terrifying when I list it like that. Maybe things aren’t as huge as they seem. I should probably start thinking about releasing some screenshots at some point.

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