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Quick bug / code update

version 1.51 is live. This does the following:

version 1.51
1) [campaign] Fixed exploit where you get 1 crew when you scrap a fighter.
2) Added new order 'Last Stand' which overrides the auto-behavior of ships retreating if all of their weapons are destroyed.
3) [campaign] Some difficulty balance changes.

it MAY be causing a bit of a crash. I just spotted it, when looking into something else (typical). I’m working on a  quick 1.52 now. It should only happen if you capture enemy fighters, i think, and it s a popup message you can click ignore to, anyway. Ironically, it’s a pop-up message helping me find a rare bug, that I still can’t find :(

Anyway… I have fixed a bug where fleets dissapear on retreating if you viewed the post-battle stats. that will be in 1.52 as well. Plus, I’m working RIGHT NOW on a fix for a retreat related crash bug. I think it’s caused by retreating with a fleet where there is a friendly planet to retreat to, but your ships cannot move there due to anomalies. It should be fixed in 1.52 as well.

The sheer tonnage of code in GSB is staggering.

I hope I get this bug squashed before the apprentice is on :D BAGGS THE BRAND!

4 thoughts on Quick bug / code update

  1. This game has a lot of bugs unfortunately, because if it had been done right, it would have been SO epic. (i.e., when I create a second campaign, the background turns to this annoying bright white screen… not very spacey… matter a fact, makes me not even want to play)

    Needs to be polished.

  2. Where can i get the latest patches? the steam version im on seems to running a bit behind… and is there any known issues funning the campaign addon with the steam version of the game?

  3. The steam copy will run fine with any mix and matching of expansions, as long as you tell the installer where your steam copy of the game is, during installation. Otehrwise ti will not work correctly. (You cant copy the fiels manually).
    Its likely in \program files\steamapps…. etc.

    The game will auto-patch itself if you have enetred your serial code and picked a username on the ‘online’ screen.

  4. I’ve done that and i’m on version 1.50, i must have told it to update to the wrong folder. I did a search i did find this folder and copied its contents over to where the game actually resides and it seems to work. Im now on 1.53. This mean my updates will forever go to the wrong folder?


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