Ok, here we go. It’s your chance to win my 3D model spaceship of a Gratuitous Space Battles centurion cruiser. You can have it if you can design a better banner advert for GSB (animated or static) than I can, which isn’t difficult because mine look like this:

And you KNOW you want the ship because it’s cool and looks like this:

Full details on what is involved are here:


Basically just send me a decent banner ad (within some technical restrictions) in the next two weeks and if yours is the best AND it’s better than the ones I make, then I’ll send you the ship. As they say in USA marketing “THAT’S AN EIGHTY DOLLAR VALUE!!!!!111111oneone.”

6 Responses to “Win that 3D model spaceship”

  1. Cap'n Lee says:

    I love your tagline, good luck on anyone beating that!

  2. Geressen says:

    haha XD I like the current trend of people criticising the evony ads, those are so annoying.

  3. Comco says:

    Cliff, you should make a post in the General Discussions section of http://www.scifi-meshes.com about this. It’s an entire community devoted to scifi and art. What better audience for this sort of thing? :)

  4. axe says:

    What have you done, my Lord!?

  5. Anthony says:

    “Oopsie, I pressed the wrong button.” with an image of a ship meeting a spectacular, explosive end?