The new race, for upcoming DLC has taken over my life a bit. I haven’t worked on the campaign for what seems like ages. Nevertheless, the new pack is almost done from an assets and code POV. It’s just a matter of play testing and balancing, plus one more fleet deployment to add, then it’s done.

Here is a teaser:

Sales are not stelalr, plus there aren’t many entries for my banner ad competition. Maybe everyone too busy watching the Greek Economy Collapse, or Gordon brown making mistakes, or Infinity Ward imploding?

On the plus side, the total collapse of the UK economy means that the pound gets cheaper against the dollar, meaning I eaern very slightly more. Yay?

11 Responses to “Expansion pack work taking over”

  1. CountVlad says:

    Looks kinda oriental. I like it! :D
    I would enter a banner, but I’m not sure where I would put the model even if I did win…

  2. Sabrepulse says:

    That cruiser is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mine : p

  3. radio_babylon says:

    i thought about participating in the banner thing, but then i remembered i am utterly without any kind of artistic talent or ability. sorry :(

  4. JoeCairo says:

    Instant new favourite race.

  5. Greg says:

    I’d love to enter the banner competition … but your “feeble” attempts are much better than what my artistically-challenged brain can come up with.

    On the new X Pack. I’ll be picking it up as soon as it’s available … I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve got Tribes and Order and I love them. I love this game!!

  6. Alan Luke says:

    I thought you would be swamped with entries, I really want to win the spaceship so I’ll give it try.

  7. Geressen says:

    I want O.O

  8. Groove says:

    Isn’t that the golden Condor from The Mysterious Cities of Gold? :)

  9. Watsong says:

    Children of the sun,
    stick your finger up your bum,
    turn it round and round,
    till you hear a funny sound,
    aaahhhhhoooaahhooohhhh, searching for the cities of gold…

    It’s a primary school version of the song :).

  10. silv says:

    I too, lack any artistic ability whatsoever.

  11. Ahmed says:

    or maybe no one wants the model?