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The Cellar of Death and Expansion packs

Eventually there will be an expansion pack for GSB. I have the mental plans for at least 2 major add-ons for the game, plus tons of little cool things that need to be improved and added, time and sales permitting. I’m currently working 50/50 on bug fixing and tweaks versus support for expansion pack stuff. The current plan is for a new expansion to add an entirely new race full of ships, with some new race-specific weapons and a few new scenarios. That will be the first thing I get done. If that proves sensible, I’d love to do a second one which will be more meta-game focused. Right now, adding new ships is a bit cumbersome so the last few days have seen lots of work on my rubbish ship editor to mean it’s almost slightly usable, despite having no tutorial and being full of inconsistencies and bugs and issues. Certainly it’s not ready for release yet, but it’s getting better. This has also meant sorting out compartmentalised support for mods which should make modding much easier and tidier.

I’ve just moved house, and  this adds considerably to the list of stuff I have to do. I was half way through designing a new cruiser earlier when I had to stop it and drill some curtain pole supports. I bet that never happened to Admiral Ackbar.

Anyway, as I said a while back, this new house is old. Older than Napoleon in fact. When it was built, the population of North America was 2 million, and George II was King of England. This means the house has it’s quirks, not least the scary cellar:

And the bizarre well in the corner, which is actually full of water. Occasionally, water runs in a  channel along the floor.

Methinks we will not be storing anything of value down here. I keep trying to come up with a way to utilise this ready and limitless supply of water to generate power somehow. It would rule if I could manage it, because Positech would be the only games company I know of to be powered by 18th Cetury hydro-power.

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  1. I know it is your house and private living quarters, but it looks very cool too. If you don’t mind, pleaes post a few more pictures of the dated parts – the basement looks awsome!

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