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New House, Same Cats

We moved house recently. I shall entertain with pictures of its quirky bits at some point (the house was built in 1750). Right now, my opinions of the house is ‘cold’. However, even though most of our life is in boxes and the shower (if you can call it that) onyl has cold water and it’s winter in England… None of this seems to bother either cat, which have both settled in incredibly easily and well.

Jadzia posing:

Jack Relaxing

And here is the new office. Right now its empty, and freezing, and badly needs carpet (which I’m sure I’ve measured wrong. what a dork…) and so on, but at least it’s big enough for me to actually move my chair an inch backwards, unlike the last one. Plus it’s on the ground floor! Hurrah!

I haven’t had any time at all to really chill out in the new hosue due to GSB stuff, but that;’s indie game development for you. GSB is live on steam any minute now!! (bites fingers).

7 thoughts on New House, Same Cats

  1. Hey, I just stumbled on GSB on Steam and I must say… well done! It’s nice to see someone pursuing their own path and making quality games. :) :) Hopefully I’ll have some cash this Christmas to buy GSB. Do you get all the money if I buy steam or would it be more profitable for you with website/paypal?

  2. I get more money if its bought direct from positech than through any other method of getting the game :D

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