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Website updated with FAQ and new screenshots

Yesterday I got the GSB website updated a bit, adding the final logo for the game and some small new screen shots and a FAQ. You can see it here:

And the faq is here:

As well as that, I also got the last few bits of GUI done, so the in-game GUI now is generally the final one, not the crappy one in the BBC video, although I’m hoping to add various bits of polish to it here and there. I also have a tutorial to do, and need to code in support for switching screen resolutions as well. From then on it’s back to play balancing and final weapons and data for the simulation.

The screen resolution system will probably support a number of fixed resolutions to choose from, if your card supports them. In the past, I’ve coded games that basically ask the card what it can do and let the player pick, but that can be hellishly awful to support, as some cards return about 100 options, and some can be obscure. Right now, the game needs 1024×768 minimum, but I might try and squash it to 600 for netbooks.

I definitely aim to support at least one stupidly big res, probably 1900 1200 res. If your video card can do it, the game will look real nice at that size.

9 thoughts on Website updated with FAQ and new screenshots

  1. *stares at his 1080p HDTV beside his computer.*

    ……is it possible?

    by the way, will you “force” a resolution switch with ATI graphic cards regardless of native resolution?

  2. what about those of us at 2560*1600? Are we just going to be left out in the cold like a hobo?

    PS: TV resolutions suck… even 1080 is only 1920*1080, you can get 24″ monitors that do higher then that with greater refresh and more vibrant colors.

  3. Why would you spend all this time making the game look great, and then force some number of people with LCD monitors that don’t have native resolution that matches one in your list to see the game all fuzzy because it has to be scaled?

  4. 1920×1080 would be most awesome, since I do most of my PC gaming from my couch on my HDTV. While you can get higher resolution monitors, I appreciate that my TV is 1. huge, and 2. cheap. Mmmmmm, giant Gratuitous Space Battles.

    To help people with high end monitors, you might add a “Show me everything” switch. Or perhaps show everything, but filter out everything with a vertical resolution of less than 600, which weeds out most of the obscure, useless, low res entries.

  5. The FAQ mentions, “…there are post-battle statistics showing who shot and killed who.” Yay! You know what goes well with statistics? Graphs! Damage over time by fleet or by ship, number of ships over time, whatever. I would love lots of graphs to pore over.

  6. 2560*1600 here please… but I’d be fine as long as there is an option to play in a window.

  7. 800×600 (if thesiable)








    that should satisfy the majority of the market .

    and just for fun .. multi monitor support as well !!!

  8. Good god Cliff! You are terrible for posting screenshots that you can’t click on to view a bigger version lol

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