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User Interface

Today was day one of working on th proper UI for GSB. Until now, it’s been a GUI that I put together using my rubbish coder-art. Doubtless a lot of coder-art will make it into the final game, but I have at least some decent artist-drawn l33tness going in now. The general ‘look’ reminds me a bit of the mechwarrior games. I’m pretty happy with it, and am looking forward to transferring all the old placeholder GUi over to this new and better style.

There’s no point in showing screenshots of a half-implemented UI when everyone is watching coverage of E3 and the big corporate console games. It seems that it’s now official that the new Lionhead games main character is called milo. If you peak around the config files for Kudos and Kudos 2 you will see that the player is referred to as MIlo internally by the game. In fact, Kudos was originally called Milo.

Plus my second cat (who died) was called Milo.  Co-incidence? It must be something they put in the lionhead donuts.

4 thoughts on User Interface

  1. I dunno, I’d like to see your front end stuff!

    Not everyone is watching E3… (in fact, some people, like me, are actively avoiding getting depressed by it all)


  2. I guess I’m too old to watch E3-videos any more. Too many games looked great in these vidoes and turned out to be a pure waste of time… If they show Half-Life 2 Episode 3 then maybe… but I heard Valve announced Left4Dead 2 instead?

    If your UI consists of more than key-shortcuts you have more of an UI than i. e. Battlestations Pacific – but BSP still plays well, ihmo.

  3. Well, there are at least three of us that aren’t watching E3.
    I’m getting a little sick of big-budget ports to PC from console lacking in gameplay and having second-rate graphics.

    That Milo thing really is curious! A tribute to your awesomeness maybe?

  4. E3 is near pointless hype and marketing. The latest amazing game with incredible gameplay almost always turns out to be generic rubbish. There are, of course, odd exceptions but they are extremely rare. Such a shame really that marketing is so effective.

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