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Things going zap

I’ve got lots of minor stuff done lately. Tiny animated welding drones that hover around damaged ships when they have auto-repair systems are now done. Plus I added a very basic scoring UI. (some art, such as the playback buttons need to be done properly. The whole battle section is pausable, and you can toggle the UI off entirely to just watch the fun.

Look: things going zap:

I need video clips of amazing space battles. Or decent hi-res images. Post any links here if you have them.

7 thoughts on Things going zap

  1. Oh yeah watching the Serenity Battle- another thing you could add are escape pods? – Starwars had them as well in the opeing of Revenge of the Sith.

  2. How about The Last Starfighter, hehe.

    Looks really good by the way! The backgrounds have a nice atmosphere about them, rather than boring old black star scape.

    Btw, can you control the flow of the battles, or do you set up your fleet beforehand and watch the battle unfold?

  3. Well it is the clip I was thinking of, Picks up around 4:30. Also any battle with the Borg is generally awesome.

  4. Indeed, I was watching bits of that last night after reading about it over at

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