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Working on an article. Need feedback…

I’ve been writing this today:

Why your game doesn’t sell well

An article on how to look at games sales and the data and see why your game doesn’t sell as well as it should. It’s just how I visualise the sales maths working out. It’s not a finished or polished article, and needs rewriting. Feedback is most welcome. Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on Working on an article. Need feedback…

  1. Point taken, people need to approve of (or at least tolerate) everything you expose them to.

    I know it’s a minor point but your Image3.jpg diagram irks me, the percentages under the multiplication and equals just look wrong. Strictly, it should look more like “10,000 visitors x 80% website approval (=8,000) x 80% demo approval (=6,400) x 80% orderpage approval = 5,120”.

  2. I think some additional helpful info might be to give some stats on what those percentage conversions have been in the past for you so that developers know what to expect.

    For example, I’ll bet most aspiring developers who haven’t released a game yet assume the demo-to-order conversion rate is much higher than it would be in reality (especially for piracy). No matter how great a game is, even if it was bestowed down from the heavens, I doubt 80% conversion would ever happen. Is it 5%, 10%, 20%?

    Those kinds of numbers (or at least ranges to expect) would be great to know :)

    The article is looking great though; thanks!

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