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Free Copies of Democracy 2 for Politicians

Lets face it, most politicians do a bad job. Why? partly because they are inexperienced. We witness their first attempts at running a country. Frankly, I’m sick of them making their mistakes with the country where I live when they could be making them in Democracy 2, so as of today, any elected politician on earth who emails me asking for a free copy of Democracy 2 can have one. Details are here:

And it’s been dugg here: (diggs most appreciated).

Here’s to world peace and prosperity!

This man needs help…. and help is at hand

7 thoughts on Free Copies of Democracy 2 for Politicians

  1. I can’t believe i have to run for office to get a free copy. Any chance of a beta tester having a free copy?

  2. “Video_game_developer_saves_global_economy”
    Are you trying to blame politicians for the global economy crisis? Madness

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