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Free Copies For Politicians (Because you need practice)

You don't need to be a politics junkie to realize that on average, politicians seem to get things wrong at least as often as they get things right. Boom & Bust, Recessions, Crime Rates, Exchange Rates, Financal scandals, enviornmental disaster... politicians aren't getting the job done. Why?

The problem with running a country is that everyone who does it is entirely unqualified for the job. Every new president or prime-minister is having his or her first go at it. There are no 'practice' countries for people to have a go with before they try doing it for real. Thoery is great, but experience is better...

This man clearly needs help. But help is at hand...

That's where I come in.

Are you a politician? a candidate for real political office? an MP in the UK? A Senator or member of the House of Representatives in the US? or the equivalent anywhere in the world? If so, I...a humble games programmer from the UK would like to give you a free gift. a FREE copy of Democracy 2 for you to practice with. There are no strings attached whatsoever, I won't publish your name anywhere unless you say I can, I'm not getting anything out of it other than the knowledge that just *maybe* I'm helping to make our current crop of politicians more prepared for the task ahead, especially with a global recession on the horizon.

If you think you qualify for a free copy (and standing in a school election doesn't count!), and you are actually representing real people somewhere (or maybe you are a candidate that's standing, but not elected yet). Just email me at this address:


From your official party or department email address, with a line saying who you are and who you represent. A quick google should be sufficient for me to check you really are a politician. Show your electorate that not only are you not afraid of video games, you play them! and you aren't ashamed to say so. If you are happy to be listed here, just let me know, it would be great to see who takes me up on the offer and for gamers to see which politicians actually play games, if you want to remain anonymous, that's fine too.

Go on, give it a try, make your policy errors in a game, rather than making them for real...


Award for the first to reply publically goes to Councillor Allan Andrews from Coventry:
There is another confirmed player, but he's staying anon for now.

Demo Buy it! Forums Support Educational Modding
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