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Kudos 2 gameplay video

It’s tough to convey a game like this in video. It’s all about the numbers and the stats and the text, so videos always seem a bit of an anti-climax. At least my videos shows you what the GAME looks like, as opposed to the FMV.
I just saw a trailer for the latest total war game. I have a love hate relationship with them, but love the historical setting for the new one. The thing is, the video is 90% FMV, which only illustrates how crap their engine is by comparison. I’m sure a lot of people don’t realise how much is FMV, or subconsciously our brains blur the line. That’s why they show hot chicks in beer ads. We all know the hot chicks don’t come with the beer, but our animal brains make the connection and equate it to beer == shagging hot chicks.
It’s sad really. Although I know this sort of thing works well, I don’t think I’d stoop to it.
Anyway, here’s a new video. The game should be out in 2 days.

4 thoughts on Kudos 2 gameplay video

  1. I’m pretty sure I told you I wish I warezed The Wonderful End of the World in that warez post you did, but I gotta tell you: I have no idea WTF this game is but I am pretty sure I will 100% buy it if it goes up on Steam.

    Is there going to be Steamworks junk? That would be exciting.

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