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Hurrah For Bose

People who read my blog a lot will know how much I rant on about how Bose Quiet-comfort 2 noise cancelling headphones are almost as good as sex.

I’ve had mine ages, and although they work perfectly, the ear cushion bits have basically started to tear and fall apart as all old-style headphones always do. Normally, you would just bin the headphones at this point and buy new ones, seeing as though these are over 3, maybe 4 years old now.

But NO! I just phoned Bose and they are sending me replacement ear-cushions for them. Admittedly, this is costing me £20, but as a new pair of them is a staggering £225, it’s well worth doing. Plus I can replace the parts myself, and not send them away, meaning no games of Company Of heroes with inferior phones. Hurrah!

In game news, some new Kudos 2 artwork arrived today, and I hope to publically release screens of it next week. Maybe monday.