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Dropping More Prices

I just dropped Democracy 1 (the original game) down to just under ten dollars. As of right now you can get the game for $9.99.

This is partly because it’s an old game, and partly because it’s a response to all those piracy comments about the price of games. I think the game is pretty good value at ten dollars. The basic game design is the same as Democracy 2, although the way it simulates stuff is a bit simpler, and the interface and presentation isn’t as slick as the newer one. However, if none of that bothers you, you can get a pretty decent stratgey game for under ten dollars now!

My companies year-end is at the end of September, so yesterday I entered all the data to see how I was doing in the run up to the business year-end. It’s not as good as I would ahve liked, definitely making less money than last year. Tbh, most of the profit of last year was selling Kudos and My other games on portals. Democracy 2 sold well, but Rock Legend didn’t. I didn’t really make any money worth getting excited about from retail at all. This is all a bit worrying, although I guess you could blame the ‘credit crunch’, but that just sounds unlikely to me. I’ve possibly spent too long making Kudos 2 (and it’s not done yet), and I really need to get my ass in gear now.

Here’s hoping Kudos 2 sells as well as Democracy 2 did (or better!). That would keep things ticking along.

7 thoughts on Dropping More Prices

  1. I am not sure about dropping prices. I think your lower sales are due to the fact that your games appeared in many of those “gamepasses” portals.
    Nobody is going to buy a game from your site for $19.95 if they can buy it on a portal for $6.99…

  2. I think that downloadables games are too expensive. $20 or more is just too much for our “small games”. This is why BFG is having such a big success.

    But, I don’t think that people who pirates games will buy more of your games because you price them at 10 or even 5 dollars. It will be still extremely expensive compare to just stealing them (and I am not talking about entering your infos for payment processing).

  3. Hey so I went to buy Democracy at its awesome new price.

    Then I was disappointed to see that it was still at its original price. You see, I own a mac and the mac version wasn’t reduced in price. Its actually a little disappointing.

    In case you’re wondering, the price did stop me from buying democracy for the mac.

  4. I just bought Rock Legends yesterday. TBH, when I saw it was $10 I was very surprised as I was expecting at least $20. Having played it, I consider it very reasonable value.

    I also bought Democracy 2 some months ago.

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