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Production Line Update 1.17. Not long till Early Access

Here is the latest dev blog video for Production Line:

I’m getting close to Early Access, with the only limitation being that we need a teaser trailer first, which is being done right now. I also have a new car model coming soon, and hope to have some improvements to the GUI (actual proper GUI< not rubbish cliffski coder art GUI :D). I might actually send out some press copies once we go into Early Access. its been pretty low-key PR wise so far, but I’ll have to start making a noise about it at some point :D

Here is a complete changelist:

1) [Feature] New manufacturing slots/research for sensors and servos, and new folder ‘advanced manufacturing’ on slot picker.
2) [GUI] Slot picker now supports folders.
3) [Feature] New upgrade for ‘manufacture lights’ – Directional lights, needs researching. Also Xenon & LED.
4) [Feature] 3x More music!
5) [GUI] Research screen now split into two tabs, horizontal scroll shows only when required.
6) [Feature] Individual slot upgrades can (except robots) be toggled on and off with a click.
7) [Bug] Loans no longer always zero!
8) [Feature] Support for mutually exclusive upgrades (LED/xenon lights are a new example, also sunroof types).
9) [Bug] Hourly interest for potential loans now shown correctly.
10) [Feature] The premium system and GUI for features has been changed completely to make more sense!
11) [Feature] Rarity of tech features is now shown by icons on the R&D screen.
12) [Feature] Alloy Wheels!
13) [Feature] AI now researches (sensibly) technology upgrades and makes them more common and less valuable.

You can grab the latest version by just reinstalling from the humble bundle link (order resender is here). The installer has got 50% bigger due to adding a bunch more proper final music to the game :D

When we go into Early Access I’m thinking $15.99 sounds like a reasonable price. Interested to hear your views on that. In the meantime its still $13: