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Production Line Video Update #2

I took some time today to do another short video talking about what I’ve been working on re:production line. There will be more ‘feature-rich’ videos coming over the next few months. I’m getting quicker and more organized about the whole youtube thing now :D. I am really interested to hear peoples comments and ideas about any aspect of the game. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on Production Line Video Update #2

  1. I really like the direction you are going with the game — to ability to make splitting/combining production lines, choose specific upgrades, etc. Being able to produce parts from raw materials is super exciting! (The more factory/production line creation, the better! :-)

    I do have a suggestion: I noticed that the accessories fitting station (the one on the right that installs the seats, etc.) was constantly waiting for seats to be delivered, (Insufficient Resources message), even when the delivery “belt” was clear prior to the car entering the station

    I’d suggest the ability to “pre-order” materials — e.g. have 2x the amount of materials needed to be stored at each station, so there is no delay when cars have the parts installed. (It would be great if this was the default. Alternatively, it could be implemented as an option: “Materials Stocking: 1x, 2x, or 3x” (Depending on how much the pallets can physically hold). If it were an option, it would be cool to be able to toggle it globally instead of at each individual factory.).

    I also really like the fact that different assemblies have different shapes — will make a fun puzzle to design an efficiently-functioning factory!

    1. yup ordering ahead is a thing that is partly coded, but actually each ‘slot’ has only a stockpile with room for 16 items, and if one slot does 5 tasks and each needs 5 things, then sometimes you just wont have room for it all in advance. This is another reason to split that slot into individual tasks. For example the ‘fit seats’ slot only ever needs seats, so it can always fill its stockpile with them, thus reducing any waiting time :D

      I have mused about having mid-factory ‘general stockpiles’ as a researchable and unlockable capability that acts as a local ‘cache’ if future resources requirements.

  2. Sorry, but I’m not wholly sold on the click-to-upgrade thing. I really like Introversion’s take on economy, resource flow and R&D in Prison Architect – where you do research and hire types of employees who move resources from a huge delivery area to different shops and who distribute finished goods etc.

    1. Those upgrades are just to improve what it is that the slot does, they do not change the fact that you need to manage the supply of resources to each slot, and that optimizing resource delivery will be a big part of the game.

  3. Looking great so far. Do you plan to go with a strictly sandbox style game or will have “missions” where you want to achieve various goals within constraints of resources or inputs and the like?

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