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We did it! Democracy 3:Africa is now on sale.

Holy crap I am so tired…and the stressful bit has only just started. Now we get all the tech support queries, and the stress about whether or not people like it, and the ARGHHHHH. And that comes after me and Jeff were both up scarily late panicking about the weirdest bug imaginable before we finally found it and uploaded the final builds at about 1AM, only for me to discover installer issues and other silliness that meant re-uploading it all again in a panic this morning. ARGHHHH.

But now…Democracy 3 africa is on sale. YAY!


You can get it from the humble store, by humble widget or from steam. GoG will come tomorrow. Its PC/OSX, and its in English French and German. If you have Democracy 3 already, and any of the DLC, that DLC will magically (crosses fingers) work with Democracy 3:Africa. You don’t need to buy it again. D3:Africa is an EXPANDALONE! Meaning you do not need D3 to play it, or buy it.

Sheesh. I leave you with quill18s first lets play of the game. There are many many more out there, and there are people streaming it on twitch and arghhh… must keep an eye on all the unbelievably immature and racist posts on the steam forums… ho hum.

To everyone who buys the game, thanks we really appreciate it. I’d love other developers to realize you can set a game in Africa and people WILL buy it.

9 thoughts on We did it! Democracy 3:Africa is now on sale.

  1. Is there a reason why there isn’t a DRM-free version of the game on humble store? I really liked this in the original and i hope this will be added later.

      1. The game isn’t listed to have one in the store right now, unlike the original.

  2. Congrats Cliffski! I’ve been hyped about Africa since you first announced it, and I’m looking forward to playing the hell out of it like I did previous Democracy games.

    But I’m gonna have to wait on the Linux release. Do you know when that might be?

  3. Woo! Looking forward to buying and playing this…. quick question though? are you planning a new iOS release with Africa? I hope so!


  4. Has the nationalization policy been removed from the release? Haven’t seen it anywhere.

  5. Congratulations! From reading the Steam reviews, it’s looking like you’ve done a good job deepening the strategic gameplay. I’m looking forward to getting assassinated already.

    Just one question, though: Is a Linux port planned? If not, I might play and try if it works in wine anyway (but that’s always a gamble so not a lot of people might be inclined to try… but then, it’s not like there’s a lot of Linux users anyway)

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