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A bug that will become a feature (but a worthy one)

So I’m working on various stuff I’m not talking about yet for GSB 2, and I ended up with the image below. All looks fine, it’s a ship nicked temporarily from GSB 1, with some tweaks, and I found a bug. The bug is a bit of a pain, and it’s those 2 little axillary engines in the middle towards the bottom. Those engine glows are not supposed to be there, they are supposed to be under the ship.


But they aren’t.

And I could fix this really easily, but actually, it is kinda cool. I mean…why *shouldn’t* i have a few ships with engines that sit above other elements of a ship? the more creative freedom the artists have the better right? and that way the glow from the engines will illuminate the ship ‘fins’ in dark battles. It will look cool. It also means a shedload of irritating fiddling with code that already looks like a psychotic kitten has had a panic attack in a spaghetti factory.

but hey, I’ve trained myself never to think like that. If it makes the game better, I’m going to commit to supporting it, even if it makes life awkward for me. Expect this game to ship sometime this millennium…

5 thoughts on A bug that will become a feature (but a worthy one)

  1. What would you say your primary focus is with gsb 2. Like in democracy 3 it sounds like it was the ‘private sector’

  2. Ah that would be telling :D. The game has a completely re-tooled engine for 10x the whizz-bang graphic ness, but the actual key big feature in terms of what the player gets to do has not been announced yet. I want to be able to demonstrate it first :D (It works, but has a horrible GUI right now…)

  3. Ah.. Now the curiosity is getting me. Any updates on being able to port to nonpc platforms?

  4. My plan is to personally just work on this as a PC game, and then work with other people to do a linux/Mac port once it’s complete.

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